Consumer involvement is important to us

Consumer involvement:

  • Increases the relevance and responsiveness of research to health needs

  • Improves the quality of research and its impact on health outcomes

  • Strengthens the effective translation of research into policy and practice

We're deeply committed to fostering a partnership with consumers, recognising that their unique insights and lived experiences are essential in driving our research forward. Their involvement is not only crucial for measuring alignment and effectiveness with their expectations, but also for creating a meaningful impact on their lives and communities. As the primary stakeholders, we passionately encourage consumers to actively contribute to our research endeavours.

Consumer perspectives are invaluable in shaping our objectives and ensuring that our work leads to tangible improvements in outcomes. By including the voices and experiences of consumers, we can better understand their needs, aspirations, and concerns. This collaboration allows us to develop solutions that address real-world challenges and create positive change both now and in the future.


People with lived experience of musculoskeletal spinal (neck and/or back or lower limb) pain following road traffic injury (whether requiring hospitalisation or not).


Working with our Chief Investigators across QLD, NSW and VIC, our Consumers will:

  • Participate in Consumer advisory groups and focus groups
  • Guide the establishment of clinical trials
  • Engage at Consumer-focused CRE symposia and conferences
  • Inform the production of pamphlets, brochures, information sheets or lay summaries of CRE projects and findings

Consumers will be involved in a variety of research projects relating to clinical interventions, compensation and legal processes.     


Consumers will be remunerated as per the rates recommended by Health Consumers Queensland.  The University of Queensland offers the following rates for 2024:

3. Rates include pre-reading and travel time