The Policy Advisory Group will play an integral role to inform the research of the CRE and facilitate the uptake of the research findings.


Professor Michele Sterling - Group Co-Chair, The University of Queensland

Professor Luke Connelly - Group Co-Chair, The University of Queensland

Kim Birch, Chief Executive & Regulator, South Australia CTP Regulator

Dr Petrina Casey, Executive Director, Motor Accidents Insurance Regulation, State Insurance Regulatory Authority (NSW)

Dr Beth Costa, Lead Evidence and Evaluation, Transport Accident Commission (VIC)

Jo Costello, Principal Claims Specialist, Motor Accident Insurance Commission (QLD)

Peter Denison, Manager, CTP Rehabilitation Services, RACQ

Ash Dunleavy, Senior Injury Management Specialist, Allianz (NSW)

Rebecca Gallagher, Leader Injury Management, QLD CTP Claims, Suncorp

Fiona Hodson, Vice President, ChronicPain Australia

Dr Ingrid Johnston, CEO, Australasian College of Road Safety

Ms Giulia Jones, CEO, painaustralia

Alex McConaghy, Principal Research Officer, Motor Accident Insurance Commission (QLD)

Lorraine McIlwain, Specialist Lead Allied Health, WorkCover Queensland

Katie Mackenzie, Injury Management Advisor, QBE

Jennie Pakula, Manager, Innovation & Consumer Engagement, VIC Legal Services Board

Renee Rankin, Australian Pain Management Association

Lisa Thompson, Project Lead – Innovations, Injury Management, Health & Wellbeing
Personal Injury, Allianz (QLD)