The role of the Policy Advisory Group is to advise on developments in policy relevant to health including compensation systems of care and on appropriate and sustainable policy programmes and recommendations for an implementation plan for delivery system change from a policy perspective.


Professor Michele Sterling - Co-Chair - Policy Advisory Group, Recover Injury Research Centre, The University of Queensland

Professor Luke Connelly - Co-Chair - Policy Advisory Group, The University of Queensland

Mr Henry Ko - Senior Advisor Injury Research, State Insurance Regulatory Authority, NSW

Ms Fiona Cromarty - Senior Manager, Transport Accident Commission (TAC)

Ms Gaenor Walker - Injury Management Specialist, Suncorp

Ms Nicole Esdaile - Principal Research Officer, Motor Accident Insurance Commission (MAIC)

Mr Michael Francis - General Manager, Return to Work SA

Dr Tim Geraghty - Rehabilitation Physician/Medical Chair, Division of Rehabilitation, PA Hospital, Metro South Health

Ms Jo Costello - Principal Policy Officer, Motor Accident Insurance Commission (MAIC)

Professor Richard Madden - University of Sydney (Actuary)

Ms Lorraine McIlwain - CTP Senior Rehabilitation Services Advisor, RACQ

Ms Katie Mackenzie - Injury Management Advisor, QBE Australia

Mr Paul Murdoch - Director, Consumer Health Forum of Australia (CHF)/Vice-President Australian Pain Management Association Inc.

Ms Mandy Nielsen - Chronic Pain Australia