The role of the Clinical Advisory Group will be to provide input to the form and utility of the screening tools, identify potential barriers and challenges to the uptake of the tools and new care models for their respective disciplines including incentive barriers. They will also advise on optimal dissemination methods to health care providers. The Chief Investigators have expertise in providing professional education to health care practitioners – GPs, physiotherapists and chiropractors, psychologists and physicians.

The Clinical Advisory Group will comprise national and international disciplinary experts from primary care who will be end-users of the results of the research and leading representatives of key health consumer groups.


Professor Michele Sterling - Co-Chair - Clinical Advisory Group, Recover Injury Research Centre, The University of Queensland

Dr Trudy Rebbeck - Co-Chair - Clinical Advisory Group, University of Sydney

Karl Bagraith - Team Leader - Interdisciplinary Persistent Pain Gold Coast Health & University of Queensland

Dr Robin Chase - Royal Australian College of Physicians

Professor Ashley Craig - The John Walsh Centre for Rehabilitation Research, University of Sydney

Mr Cameron Lawson - Australian Physiotherapy Association

Dr Christine Randall - Rehabilitation Counselling Association of Australia

Associate Professor Sean Tweedy - Accredited Exercise Physiologist, School of Human Movement and Nutrition Sciences, The University of Queensland

Dr Julia Treleaven - Australian Physiotherapy Association

Professor Tim Usherwood - Deputy Chair - Western Sydney Primary Health Network, University of Sydney

Ms Donna Valiant - Australian Rehabilitation Providers Association